Glove // Bero Bero // REELS // The Dewars

Saturday 20th of July 2019 09:00:00 PM

GLOVE (Tampa)
Bero Bero (Savanah)
Local Support: REELS
The Dewars

Unwed Sailor / Ghost Tropic / Hi Fi Envelope / Kevin PM

Sunday 28th of July 2019 08:00:00 PM

Unwed Sailor -
Born in Seattle in 1998 at the tender age of intent, Unwed Sailor is helmed by Oklahoma-born songwriter Johnathon Ford. The basis for the instrumental project came into being while Ford was still writing with Seattle luminaries Roadside Monument. Pulling towards a bass guitar-oriented sound, the songs he had begun to craft did not fully feel right for Roadside Monument, thus the unbeknownst predestined forming of Unwed Sailor. Not aiming for Unwed Sailor to fall into the regular confines of a typical band, Ford's ever evolving cast and crew has been tirelessly composed over the years of good friends and company. Ghost Tropic -
Dreamy churning dissonant moon music from St. Augustine. Hifi Envelope -
Imagine, if you will, Orange Cake Mix and Ui coming together for a collaboration and you will have a fairly accurate description of how The Hifi Envelope recordings typically sound. Dreamy, textured guitars; bulbous, dubby basslines; casio beats to programmed/sampled percussion to live drum kit; organized non musical sounds and noise. Elements of post rock, indie pop, ambient, and aleatory music all combine to formulate a unique, evolving sound. Kevin PM <3 and a merch table by Computer Club Records with cassettes, vhs, art and other oddities.

REELS TOUR KICK OFF! W/ Dust Fuss // Half my Home // Kev PM

Monday 29th of July 2019 09:00:00 PM

Reels will be leaving town for a little south east run, come send em off with some buds. Support from: Dust Fuss Half My Home Kevin Mahoney ‪Monday 7/29 St Augustine @ Sarbez‬ ‪Tuesday 7/30 Gainesville @ The Atlantic ‬ ‪Wednesday 7/31 Tallahassee @ The Bark‬ ‪Thursday 8/1 Pensacola @ CHIZUKO ‬ ‪Friday 8/2 New Orleans @ GASA GASA ‬ ‪Saturday 8/3 Athens @ Flicker‬ ‪Sunday 8/4 Atlanta @ Mother ‬ ‪Monday 8/5 tbd ‬ ‪Tuesday 8/6 Savannah El Rocko‬ ‪Wednesday 8/7 tbd‬ ‪Thursday 8/8 Orlando @ Wills Pub ‬ ‪Friday 8/9 Miami @ Churchill’s ‪Saturday 8/10 Tampa @ The Hub

ZETA // Curious Markings // Minimum Rage // 86hope

Tuesday 30th of July 2019 09:00:00 PM

The mighty ZETA returns to St. Augustine! This will blow up your brain! Not to miss!! ZETA: riiiipping Venezuelan experimental hardcore/punk
Minimum Rage: Your designated local punk rock shed shredders, blackford for prez 2020
86hope: local sweethearts with short shorts and short songs and angelic voices
Curious Markings: This is what you get when you combine a handful of the best songwriters in this town all in one band that just simply rules. These songs will make you dance and hug your friends and cheers everyone in the whole damn town. Their music will be on the World Wide Web soon enough.

From Music to Art Shows!

Sarbez! is hands down one of the most awesome places in all of St. Augustine to see a kick-ass local show. We do what we can to give local (and not-so-local) artists a fun and safe place to jam.

We support all types of music genres! Everything from Funk to Bluegrass, to Synth and Metal... we're all over the place. It really is just insane.

Now wait a minute... although we're some huge music fans, we also hold lots of other events! Sometimes we let the local painters, sculpters, and jewelers set up shop for the evening to show off their goods and make a few sales. We have also done the Art Walk and lots of other local events that just bring the community together.

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