Booking a show is easy at Sarbez!


Richard Lepre & Cole Helman of Mecca Records

**Not Genre Specific**
Contact Info:


Zach Engh & Uncle Marty of Scrapple Shows

Zach Engh: **Not Genre Specific**
Popular genres include: Contact Info:

Uncle Marty Popular genres include: Contact Info:

Text Uncle Marty: 904-315-7807

Ward Hughey of Bleeding Tree Entertainment

Popular genres include: Contact Info:

Call/Text Ward: 904-494-8375

Important Details

  • Please note that it could take up to three (3) full days to hear back from any of our promoters.

  • Please do not contact more than one promoter at a time.

  • If you do not recieve a response within three (3) days, please contact another promoter from this list.

  • Still no response after contacting everyone? Please reach out to the Sarbez! Facebook page here and send us a message starting with, "...ATTENTION RYAN!" and we'll get you squared away.